Show Me Don’t Tell Me – Extracting Beauty from the Mundane


Life has taken an unexpected turn. I find myself commuting one hour to Winchester, passing trough the lush Shenandoah Mountains. As I embark on this new journey here at SU, I remain fearful yet hopeful. Truth be told, I am scared that I can’t fulfill my goals and obligations. Through this mist of doubt, I still remain hopeful that everything will turn out just fine.

During this transitional period, I find solace in room 229. This room is a safe haven for myself and many other students. Dr. Crowley ‘s office is a place where students can go to talk about their concerns, doubts or just have friendly conversations about school and life. The room also symbolizes a safety net; I know I’ll be guided in the right direction if I steer off course.

The most interesting and profound thing on campus is indeed room 229. It’s what lies beyond the room that truly makes it interesting. I’m still not sure where my path will lead me, but having an open door to Dr. Crowley’s office will surely lead me in the right direction. I’ve been told that successful individuals are those who walk through the door of opportunity. I ask myself, when that door of opportunity opens itself, will I ready to walk through it?

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