Climb New Heights at Vertical Rocks

Whether if you’re a seasoned climber or interested in attempting your first traditional climb, put Vertical Rock, located in Manassas, Virginia on your short list of destinations. This past Sunday, November 8th, Shenandoah’s shuttle departed to it’s second climbing outing of the semester. Vertical Rock’s climbing wall towers over 50 feet, intertwined by numerous routes for beginners and experts. The facility is highlighted with an impressive and intimidating arch that spans more than 125 feet. Its horizontal hangs are treacherous enough to entice the most thrill seeking climbers.

Here’s a brief video from Vertical Rock’s CEO, Ian Colton. He explains why Manassas was an ideal location for the gym and why this project was unique. Even though most SU students are based in Winchester, the allure and thrill of Vertical Rock’s massive facility is worth the drive.

Not only is rock climbing the new urban craze, it is also a great workout. It works your forearms, upper body, core and your legs all in one. You don’t even realize that you’re working out as you’re having too much fun challenging yourself, progressing vertically or horizontally. In addition, climbing can also provoke mental stimulation. Each route can be compared to a puzzle, solving it requires precision and patience, forcing the climber to strategize his or hers next move. Combining physical and mental toughness will result in a climber reaching their goal. Climbing is also a good alternative for relieving stress. Focusing on one specific task can clear your mind and create a more relaxed atmosphere. These factors make rock climbing ideal for college students looking to kill two birds with one stone.

Don't look down!
Don’t look down!

Alice Morgan, SOAR Coordinator stated shuttles (limited to 10 students) go to Vertical Rocks every month unless there’s an outdoor climbing trip during that month. The next climbing trip to Vertical Rocks will be in January. There is generally a good turnout, but there’s always have room for a few more. Students who successfully pass a belay test climb for free. Beginners are required to enroll in an intro class for $15. Payment can be made at Hornet Central. For more information, contact


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