Narrative Story

It was a dark and stormy night. The trees of the forrest would bend from the strong wind’s force. Our abode was small but sturdy. Only whistles pd the wind would make it through the cracks of the windows and doors, but everyone was safe inside. Mother was preparing dinner while father went to the grocery store.

It’s been hours since father left. The anxiety and suspense began to overwhelm me. I often think of worst case scenario’s, it was very silly of me. What were the odds that something horrible could horrific could happen? Suddenly, my heart sank into my stomach. I went on to look for father. He wasn’t at the grocery store. Of no avail, I drive back home religiously praying he would be there. A suspicious silhouette appeared inside the house. That’s when i knew trouble was afoot.

As I investigated, a knock came from the door. I quickly ran to go answer expecting to see father. I was horribly mistaken. I opened the door only to be greeted by father’s evil brother. He told me It was rude that i left father unattended, dying from internal bleeding.

He thrusted himself on me, knocking me to the floor. Mother appeared and threw hot water at my uncle’s face, it still wasn’t enough. He charged toward mother but i intercepted his attack. He pulled out a knife. Lightning struck the chimney and everyone tumbled to the ground. Having some time, I grabbed the knife from him as the battle wasn’t over.

My uncle had to be eliminated. He had been a threat to my family and society. I mustered up every bit of courage as I struck him with the knife. I felt vindicated and fulfilled avenging my father’s death. His last dying words were “I’ll see you in hell”. Overwhelmed with rage, I continuted to stab his dead carcass leaving his chest and abdominals carved out. Looking at his dead carcass was satisfying, it unlocked the savage inside of me. Eventually, the police showed up and arrested me. They literally caught me red handed. Then the light bulb inside my head turned on. My uncle planned this elaborate scheme from the beginning. He wanted me to give into my hatred and to rot in prison. He strategically planned everything from the very beginning. Bravo uncle, bravo.


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