The Importance of Journalism: Semester Recap


Mass communications or mass media is similar to a Swiss army knife. You never would think to compare the two, however they share many common features. A Swiss army knife is versatile, diverse and most importantly essential. Mass communications is no different. It is composed of different types of outlets that are meant to reach large audiences through all methods of communications. Having strong well-rounded skills will help you become more poised to tackle the world. The skills you learn along the way are essential to becoming an indisposable asset to any company or organization.

Some of skills include:

  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Interviewing
  • Blogging
  • Broadcasting
  • Social Media (SEO)
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • TV/Film Production


Those skills require a lot of time and commitment. Enrolling in a Mass Communications program will expose you to multiple forms of platforms and outlets. Ask yourself “is this good enough?” Most journalists or bloggers will tell you they never get it right on the first attempt. You need to craft any piece of writing so it looks like a finished product.

MCOM 335: Media Writing 

Through my personal experience, the biggest issue was translating my PR experience into journalism. It’s difficult to say which medium is better. PR and journalism are two completely different professions with different purposes. In today’s constant evolving world, it can be useful to understand both fields. You can never know what situation you might encounter. Having a firm understanding of PR and journalism can help you become more of an asset to your company.

Becoming more creative and descriptive was also a challenge. I have been accustomed to writing short, to the point blogs and social media postings throughout my young professional career. I realized that I needed more time to fully evolve into the writer that could excel in both PR and journalism. In the future, I plan on incorporating more brainstorming sessions to physically map out my assignments and projects. Developing a good lead is still something that needs improvement. Slowly but surely i’m getting the hang of it. It’s the equivalent of learning a new language. Overall, I’ve learned that writing requires more of my time and attention, something that was taken for granted this semester. With the year coming to end, I am personally looking forward to showing Shenandoah University my improvements.


Check this video out as I briefly go over the importance of journalism and how it will impact my professional career moving forward.


This data represents the importance and usage of social media. With the majority of people finding social media important, Journalism and PR becomes even more crucial for creating content and attracts and retains viewers. Click here to read about the convergence of Journalism and PR.









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